Huty is a small village in an extended valley between two offshoots of the High Tatra mountain range. In the northern part of central Slovakia, near the Polish border. One road, one river, impossible to get lost. With a shelving scenery and unspoilt nature. The village is surrounded by meadows, vast forests and small plots of farming land.

In Huty a camera and weather station have been erected, which are connected to the Internet. Thus it is possible to get an actual picture of the weather conditions at any time of the day.

Webcam Huty 34
In the garden of Huty 34 (houses in Huty have a number, not an address) a webcam has been placed, which puts an actual picture on the net every half hour.

Weather station
Click to the weather station and view all the current and historical data regarding temperature, precipitation, wind and atmospheric pressure.