For lovers of nature and for skiers the region of Liptov is a real paradise. Vast, unspoilt and enormously diverse. It is farther away than most holiday regions, but then you get a whole lot in return. The wonderful countryside, super walking and cycling areas, ultra modern skiing areas, friendly people, honest and delicious food. And all extremely moderately priced.

In winter Liptov is lovely for skiing. Especially in the shelving spurs of High and Low Tatra numerous ski runs can be found. And every year the number of first rate ski runs increases. But the general public has not yet discovered the beauty and the vastness. So the runs are delightfully quiet at negligible prices. At the bottom of the run renting equipment, booking a hotel, finding a good meal, or having a nice drink is always possible. For in Slovakia you can still find the good old-fashioned sociability and conviviality which nowadays are hard to find in any mundane ski area.