The Slovakians are warm, cordial and hospitable by nature. People are strongly attached to their family, church, traditions and their own history. Outside the cities the pace of life is slow, the social structures are tight and the life style is simple.

The long years of communism have had a strong impact on whole generations. And has left deep marks especially with the older generations. The youth easily adapts to modern times. In the cities modern influences spread rapidly.

The language
Slowakian is a difficult and intricate language. Almost impossible to learn for foreigners. Czech is used as a second language. Older people in particular have a command of Russian as a third language. But that is not a language many tourists know how to manage. Many young people have fluency in English and German nowadays. For the older generation communication with foreigners remains awkward.

The monetary unit
After a transitional year in 2008 the Slowakian Crown is expected to be exchanged for the Euro in 2009. At present the exchange rate is (approximately) 33 Crowns to the Euro. Compared to western countries Slovakia is dirt-cheap.
Especially the extensive facilities are very low-priced, as are the home products. This makes Slovakia even more attractive as a holiday destination.