This beautiful farmhouse ( large house and additional buildings plus a garage) is surrounded by lots of open space. The setting is unique and alongside its border runs the river Kvaciany of which the rippling water gives a relaxing background sound. On a short distance of 200 metres there is the entrance of Kvacianska Dolina, the all-seasons accessible walking-route with great variety and of high natural value.
The whole house has enjoyed a complete overhaul and after renovation supplied with all modern conveniences.
There is electric central heating to keep the rooms on a temperature of 15 -17 *C, but to meet one’s personal or desirable comfort level a wooden stove (pech) is burning downstairs and operated by the guests themselves. Briquettes and/or wood can be supplied on demand.

Downstairs ( Souterrain).

In this cosy area you find the smoking room and is warmed by an idyllic tiled wood-stove. Next to the storage room is the small bathroom with a bath-tube and a small radiator. The rest of the floor has sufficient space for storage purposes of bicycles, ski-gear, and sledges and contains the heating devices and hot-water boiler.

First Floor.

By using a small staircase one enters the living-area into a proper central entrée, with a tiled floor, so always ease of cleaning. On the left is the spacious and bright living-room, plm. 30 m2 and furnished, amongst others, with a roomy and deluxe sofa-unit ( also operational as a wide 2 persons double-bed). Heritages from earlier owners like skiing attributes, hunting trophies and a traditional costume are shown in here. It is also the TV- and Computer-room with satellite and internet connections.
Situated on your right is the rural-style spacious kitchen supplied with all thinkable modern comfort including combi/micro-wave oven and dish-washer. The large dining-corner can seat 8 persons easily and the adjustable lightning makes it a pleasant room to relax even after dinner.
The floor-heated toilet is in the central area and before going upstairs by a comfortable staircase there is also enough room for shoes, boots ski-jackets etc.

Second Floor.

Here you will find two bedrooms, 20 m2 each and the bathroom. The first bedroom with a double- and a single bed, has venezian doors and a balcony on the sunnyside. The second bedroom, also 2 +1, has one large cupboard extra and also the place of the emergency-exit.
The bathroom contains a shower, washbasin, toilet, heated towel-rack end has a floor-heating.

Lots of privacy and enough parking space, also accessible in winter conditions.
Next to the river you will find a spacious fireplace with sufficient room and a barbeque available.


LCD TV set with satellite operation ( all languages).
DVD player.
Computer and internet access.
Modern kitchen facilities.
New sanitary equipment ( 2x flushing toilet, bathroom and shower).
Central heating.
Bed-clothes, quilts( covers), cushions, towels, etc available.

Prices, availability and bookings.

Booking of House Harmke is done easily on-line. The price-quotation is shown during the reservation-process. Availability is shown in the dairy. You can book on every day, with a minimum of two nights. Pricelist is from friday 15:30 hours arrival till friday 10:30 hours leaving the house. Arrival or leaving on other days than friday will increase the price with 10%. After completion of your booking you will find a Reservation form in the mailbox of your e-mail address. After confirmation of this booking it will be definitive.